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The Becoming a Manager seminar is a comprehensive program for soon-to-be or recently assigned first-time managers.

  • Insights about their leadership qualities
  • How to leverage their strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • When and where to apply specific leadership skills and tools
  • How to interpret personalities and motivational needs of others
  • How to establish alignment of goals, roles and talent
  • When and how to use a coach approach
  • How to increase employee engagement
  • How to avoid unwanted turnover
  • How to deliver a performance review effectively

  • Customize to meet client needs
  • Delivery based on 3-day, one week or six month design
    (3-day and one week programs are delivered as a seminar with no interruptions, six month program is delivered in half-day increments once per month; one week program and six month program include additional focus into purpose and mission of the organization, setting goals and establishing milestones)
  • Participants receive the TriMetrix HD report (70+ pages)
  • Leadership/Management supplemental assessment report
  • Group debriefing of reports
  • Understanding of the Situational Leadership model
  • Manager as Coach - Learn a 5-step Coaching Conversation Model that increases employee engagement and improves individual and team problem solving skills
  • Setting goals for others
  • Managing and measuring performance
  • Dynamically managing and motivating different personalities

  • Job benchmark and Gap report
  • Team assessment

Also see New Manager Assimilation program in the Coaching tab
Also see Manager as Coach and The Coaching Clinic for details about the Manager as Coach module included in this program