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The Nielson Group is a specialist in work-based, user-friendly assessments, providing objective data to accurately identify people's work behavior, cognitive potential and emotional intelligence. With over 15 years as a track record for success, we work with business leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals by enhancing hiring, retention, development and management.

  • To effectively support leading organizations who are actively engaged in creating a proactive enterprise-wide leadership and career development culture that results in high employee engagement and retention.
  • To enable senior leadership and HR to hire and retain the best talent by utilizing reliable talent assessment tools for acquiring talent and apply best-practice methods for identifying and developing high potentials.
  • To offer only the best total talent management system and competencies to our clients.

To provide a continuous improvement pathway for our clients that is backed by solid, tangible research and best-practices that is desired and owned by both management and employees. We provide a roadmap that is proven, flexible and customized to meet any company's needs.

  • Organization-Wide Leadership Development
  • High Potential Coaching
  • Employee Career Planning
  • Employee Engagement Practices
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Change Acceleration

What We Need/Steps to Engagement
1. Better understand your organizational current state
2. Better understand your desired future state and timelines
3. Align and customize our offerings to match your needs in a detailed work agreement
4. Price the proposal
5. Receive approval to begin work

Let us partner to find the right solution to your challenges. Request more information here.