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Our Competencies


Our Mission

Is to assist clients in making sustained improvements in workforce performance at the organizational, managerial and individual contributor level.

The Nielson Group equips leading organizations with tools, research and expertise that foster leadership growth and create more effective organizations.

Our Capabilities (click here for printable information)

  • For Organizations and Teams, we improve group dynamics, increase productivity and generate synergy between corporate goals and visions and individual goals and needs
  • For Hiring Managers, we provide a solid pre-employment selection strategy that ensures hiring for 'best-fit' to the job
  • For Managers, we provide customized leadership and talent development programs
  • For Individuals, we offer a variety of personal and professional development coaching solutions based on specific client needs
  • We provide organizational-wide solutions for global companies

Talent Selection and Retention (click to view introduction videos)

Leadership Development for HR Managers: A High-Powered Blended Learning Program for HR

High-Impact Programs

Our Clients

  • Across diverse industries
  • Global, Multi-National
  • High Growth businesses
  • Mid-Cap businesses
  • VC Investors
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Nonprofits

"The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" by Dan Pink, author of Drive


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