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The Philemon's Group
A sales and marketing outsourcing solutions company. They exist to reduce SG&A and COGS, and to increase sales velocity and profits. They succeed by reengineering go to market strategies and sales pipelines, developing new market channels, and through strategic alliances with offshore manufacturing partners. If you are looking to enter new markets or geographies, launch new products or services, or are just dissatisfied with the growth of your business, give them a call. They elevate companies to their next level of success!

CABA, Inc.
What are you doing to improve employee retention? Go beyond New Employee Orientation! CABA Inc. has developed and tested a highly successful way to integrate employees with a high success rate at a low cost. It is called an Orientation Passport.

Best Practices in Downsizing

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Salary Source - Your ultimate source for salary survey information

WAGEWEB Salary Survey Data

Workindex.com - Cornell Univ. and HR Executive Joint Venture Site

Management Advantage - Affirmative Action Plan Experts

A wealth of Time Management Tips

CoachVille Coach Referral Service

Coach Referral.com

Leading Indicators versus Trailing Indicators in Business Coaching

Berkeley Management Core Competencies Report

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry An Introduction

Management Library Site for For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations

Change Management FAQ

Performance Management OPM Technical Assistance Center

The CEO Refresher - A Classic Checklist for Performance Improvement



A Performance Appraisal That’s Better Than Ratings and Rankings
By Gary B. Brumback

Improving Performance: Low-Cost Solutions in a Tight Economy
By Harold D. Stolovitch, CPT and Erica J. Keeps, CPT

Firms Give their Leadership Programs Low Marks

Value-Added Networking: A Three Part Discussion
By Lloyd Feinstein

Bottom-line Proof that Focusing on People Impacts the Bottom-Line
By Tom Terez

Hire for Fit Prevents Problems Later
By Richard Hadden and Bill Catlette

A Hard Look at Soft Numbers - The relationship between employee perceptions and business outcomes
By Curt Coffman and Jim Harter, Ph.D.

Mentoring Others Can Help Develop Leadership Skills
By Barbara A. F. Greene, MCC

Competitive Employers Make Career Development Programs A Priority
By Barbara A. F. Greene, MCC

The future of HR: beyond operations to partnership
By Malcolm Higgs

How to Mend Your Parachute
By Anni Layne Rodgers

Don't Ignore the Intangibles
By Carl Nielson

People scorecards: scoring goals for people and company
By Linda Bilmes

If the Customer Could Define the Job
By Carl Nielson, The Nielson Group

Fitting In: Setting the New Employee Up for Success
By Carl Nielson, The Nielson Group

The Art of Onboarding
By Carl Nielson

Parenting in a Crisis
by Carol Renaud Gaffney, Ph. D.

What's Inside the Top Sales Performers
By Bill J. Bonnstetter

Successful Selling is More Than Personality: 'Boy, can they talk ! Boy, can they sell !'
By Arthur G. Schoeck, Competitive Edge!, October/November 1996

The Art of Hiring Smart: "Find the Best Person for the Job"
By Arthur G. Schoeck, Competitive Edge!, December 1996/January 1997

Taking Your Customer's Pulse, Keeping You Alive: "The Art of Retaining Your Customers"
Arthur G. Schoeck, Competitive Edge!, June/July 1997

"Motivating Employees - Not All Fun and Games: Motivate: v. To stimulate to action, provide with an incentive or motive."
Arthur G. Schoeck, Competitive Edge!, March/April 1997

Provide A Climate For Motivation
By TTI Performance Systems, Ltd

Expert Advice For Dealing With Mistakes At Work
from Industry Week Online



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