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Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers (also see The Coaching Clinic for the 2-day immersion program)

"I find that when someone engages me in a question, it wakes me up. I'm in a different place. Throughout the day, I try to do the same thing. I ask questions: I rarely make statements until I have sized up the person's energy and focus, and whether they are open-minded; only then can I move. If I don't ask questions, I could be underrating the situation and problem and miss the key issues."
Chad Holliday, chairman of the board and CEO of DuPont
taken from Introduction section, Leading with Questions by Marquardt

The Coaching Conversation® Workshop is a half-day or full-day program built around one of the core concepts from The Coaching Clinic®: the Coaching Conversation communication model. This five-step model helps structure coaching and performance-related conversations for more effective communication leading to better outcomes.

The Coaching Conversation workshop provides an introduction to the principles of coaching
and the use of a communication model that helps take the guesswork out of coaching
conversations by providing structure and building in accountability.

The Coaching Conversation serves as an introduction to corporate coaching and the
construct necessary for consistent results. As such, this workshop is intended for
managers, supervisors, mentors, leaders and consultants without prior formal coach
training. No previous coaching experience is required.

During the workshop, participants will:
• Discover some of the core principles of successful coaching
• Learn the five-step Coaching Conversation Model
• Understand the theoretical basis for each step, and its importance
• Review real business case studies
• Practice using the Model in simulated coaching conversations

Through using the Model, participants will build confidence in using coaching as a problem
solving and developmental tool.
Coaching Conversation Participants also receive:
• Participant Guide
• Coaching Conversation Model reference card